Please consider investing in this exciting new comedy.

The overall budget of the film is $250,000 under the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement.  We are offering investment units at $10,000 each which will provide 2 points in the film or 2 percent of the net profits.  The cast includes Patrick Askin, Ian Whitt and Sean Young of "Blade Runner" fame in the role of NICKY'S mother, GLORIA VAN WINTERBOTTOM, and a slew of many other established actors in various supporting roles including character actor Malachy McCourt and a special cameo by Consuelo Vanderbilt as well as veteran actors Deborah Twiss and Tyler Hollinger. 

We have filmed 100 Percent of the film therefore we need another $20,000 to finish the film for POST PRODUCTION.  On a budget this low the possible payoff could be substantial.  As you can see from what we have shot already the footage looks very promising. You can also make your investment tax deductible if you choose to invest through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.   What makes NICK and NICKY unique is that it is a GENRE film aimed at a mainstream audience that challenges tradtional gender roles.

Please email for more investment information.

photo by: Alex Geana